How to create a presentation with AI

AI Presentation Maker: Transforming Presentations with AI

Enhancing Presentations with Tome’s AI

In the dynamic realm of presentations, a pivotal tool that can augment and streamline the process is invaluable. Enter Tome’s AI Presentation Maker, an avant-garde tool transforming presentation creation and delivery.


Generating Presentations in Seconds

Tome’s AI Presentation Maker is ingeniously crafted to economize time and effort. It facilitates the rapid generation of presentations, encompassing pages, outlines, images, and text. This innovation heralds the end of laborious manual slide and content creation, enabling greater efficiency.


Seamless Integration with Your Workflow

Tome is adeptly designed for both professional presenters and students. Its intuitive interface allows effortless initiation, bridging the gap between complex technology and user accessibility.


Precision and Flexibility

A remarkable attribute of Tome’s AI Presentation Maker is its precise and flexible nature. It intelligently crafts outlines and offers multiple page variations, providing users with a spectrum of choices to align with their specific goals.


How to create apresentation with AI
How to create a presentation with AI


Tailored to Your Needs

Tome’s adaptability spans various requirements, from converting documents to presentations to swiftly creating one-pagers, and finding apt images. Its comprehensive control extends to every page detail, including layout.


Language Refinement and Branding

In crafting compelling presentations, language precision is key. Tome excels in refining text, adjusting tone, and accommodating content length variations. It further enhances presentations by allowing brand-specific customizations in color and font.


User-Friendly Design

Tome’s design is centered on user-friendliness, evident in its drag-and-drop formatting and responsive tile system. This allows for effortless experimentation with layouts and designs.


Multimedia Integration

Tome integrates multimedia elements like Figma and Airtable, enriching presentations with interactive content, crucial for audience engagement in the digital era.


Creating a Presentation with AI

  • Step 1: Input a detailed prompt to guide Tome’s AI.
  • Step 2: Revise the generated outline to shape your narrative.
  • Step 3: Opt to generate your presentation either as a whole or page-by-page, ensuring each slide meets your standards.
  • Step 4: Customize the theme to reflect your personal or brand aesthetic.
  • Step 5: Edit content for perfection, leveraging Tome’s intuitive tools.



Influential voices acclaim Tome for its fluidity, intuitiveness, and time-saving capabilities, highlighting its versatility in various professional and creative contexts.



Tome’s AI Presentation Maker is a groundbreaking tool, essential for anyone aiming to elevate their presentations with precision, flexibility, and ease of use.



  • Q1: Is Tome suitable for both professionals and students?
    • A1: Yes, its versatile and user-friendly nature makes it ideal for a wide audience.
  • Q2: How does Tome assist in content refinement?
    • A2: Tome’s AI refines text, adjusts tone, and helps in content length management.
  • Q3: Can presentations be customized to align with company branding?
    • A3: Yes, Tome enables color and font adjustments to match company branding.
Explore the revolutionary impact of Tome’s AI Presentation Maker on the art of creating presentations.
Experience enhanced slide design with unmatched precision, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

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