Automate your WordPress site and apps

Uncanny Automator: Revolutionizing WordPress Automation

Discover the power of Uncanny Automator, the #1 no-code WordPress automation plugin trusted by over 30,000 companies. Slash development costs, streamline workflows, and replace multiple plugins effortlessly. Get started now!

In the dynamic landscape of WordPress, where efficiency and seamless workflows are paramount, Uncanny Automator stands out as the leading force in the realm of automation. As a no-code automation platform, it has gained the trust of thousands, offering a transformative solution to streamline processes and eliminate manual efforts.


The Power of No-Code Automation

Uncanny Automator excels in simplifying intricate tasks by seamlessly connecting your preferred plugins and apps. With its user-friendly visual builder, the platform eliminates the need for creating developer apps, writing pseudo code, or grappling with non-intuitive builders. Say farewell to the hassles of the past and welcome a new era of next-gen no-code automation tailored for WordPress.


Simple Recipe Builder for Advanced Automations

Creating advanced automations becomes effortless with Uncanny Automator’s simple recipe builder. Connect to your favorite plugins, other WordPress sites, and even non-WordPress apps within minutes. The platform supports an extensive array of 7,300+ tokens and variables, ensuring a seamless experience in dynamic content creation.


Delays and Scheduling Made Easy

Uncanny Automator empowers you to create trials, course reminders, live events, and more with robust support for delaying and scheduling actions in a recipe. Tailor your automations precisely to meet your specific needs.


Connect to Anything with 145+ Integrations

Boasting an extensive library of 145+ integrations, Uncanny Automator covers all popular WordPress plugins, social media apps, and web tools. The flexibility to connect to anything provides unparalleled control over your automation tasks and workflows.


Conditions and 1-Click Integrations

Fine-tune your automations with conditions that run actions based on user attributes, posts, email addresses, membership levels, product purchases, or CRM tags. Benefit from industry-leading 1-click app integrations, including Google Sheets, Facebook Pages, X/Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, and more.

Built for Developers with Robust Webhooks

For developers seeking customization, Uncanny Automator offers full developer documentation, code samples, and support for running any WordPress hook or custom function in your recipes. Robust webhook support allows for security headers, arrays, unlimited nesting, and customization in any format.


Unparalleled Support and Meta Data Management

Experience unparalleled support with a Help Desk Happiness rating of 96. Your WordPress plugin recipe data stays secure on your site, ensuring you maintain control over your data. If a token isn’t available, Uncanny Automator can pull data from any user or post meta value or run calculations on existing values.


Unlimited Usage for Unmatched Productivity

Set up as many recipes as you desire and run them an unlimited number of times. From social media postings to other website integrations, Uncanny Automator liberates you to automate without constraints.


Automate your WordPress site and apps
Automate your WordPress site and apps


Why Choose Uncanny Automator?

Testimonials Speak Volumes

Discover why users love Uncanny Automator:
  • Stephen P: “With this plugin, WordPress sites become intelligent. It is an exceptionally useful product, and the customer service I experienced was fast and thorough.”
  • Noel A: “I tried 3 or 4 automator plugins before I decided on Uncanny [Automator]. Boy did I make the right choice, as the support I’ve received has been exceptional.”
  • Richard F: “Really impressed by Uncanny Automator – a gamechanger. The plugin is clearly built very well and performs cleanly and consistently.”
  • Steph W: “I love it so much that I’m looking for more ways to streamline and automate our processes now. Such a great product!”
  • Neil A: “Can’t speak highly enough about how useful and effective this plugin is… brilliant support too.”
  • Adam @ WPCrafter: “Thank you so much for making Uncanny Automator. It has completely opened up what is possible with WordPress, ecommerce, online courses, etc.”

Reliability & Versatility Backed by Stats

  • Enterprise class automation
  • 70,000,000+ successful recipe runs
  • 2,000,000+ work-hours saved per year
  • 30,000+ websites using Automator
  • 145+ integrations, 610+ triggers, 430+ actions, 60+ conditions, 7,300+ tokens


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a free version or demo?
    • Yes, Uncanny Automator offers a free version for you to explore its capabilities before making a commitment.
  2. Who should use Uncanny Automator?
    • Uncanny Automator is ideal for WordPress users and developers looking to streamline their workflows and automate tasks without extensive coding.
  3. Do I need coding skills to build recipes?
    • No, Uncanny Automator is designed as a no-code automation platform, allowing users to create advanced recipes without the need for coding skills.
  4. Will Uncanny Automator slow down my site?
    • No, Uncanny Automator is optimized for performance and won’t compromise the speed of your WordPress site.
  5. Are there recipe or app limits?
    • No, you can set up as many recipes as you want, and there are no limits on app integrations.
  6. What’s your refund policy?
    • Please refer to our refund policy on our official website for detailed information.


Enhance your WordPress experience with Uncanny Automator, the ultimate solution for no-code automation. Join over 30,000 websites already benefiting from increased efficiency and streamlined workflows.
Get started now and witness the transformation!

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